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Sulayman Abdi


17-06-2024 17:20:23 Jordan
krushna patel

Krushna patel wqs.booked out on nlk but took hzt due to box not closing hzt mileage 28046

15-06-2024 22:14:32 Jordan
krushna patel

Chamged bike from nlk to hzt due to box issue mileage at return 17680

Hzt milege at departure 28007

15-06-2024 10:39:30 Jordan
Omar Hafid

NJX screen damaged riders first ride today he claims he doesnt know what happened

13-06-2024 21:40:17 Jordan
Emmanuel Munyani

emmanuel was on pepsi NLG but booked out on NLG

NLG mil 11953

13-06-2024 20:41:28 Jordan

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