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Muhammad Usman

From nka 14913 screen adz 17344

14-07-2024 16:21:19 Jordan
Viktor Joksimovic

rider came back upon checking the bike the bike was driving dodgey driver didnt mention anything but i feel like he crashed or hit tsomething bike reg aef

14-07-2024 16:00:46 Jordan
Ali Ibrahim

returned njo damaged 13/07/24 bike has been dropped and has brake lever damage did not mention to anyone.

brake lever has snapped while attempting to straighten

have sent home today as he did not mention the damage

on final chance after this

14-07-2024 09:35:02 Jordan
Nitinkumar Patel

Bike front is very loose tires seem like needs to be tightened rider claims he didn’t fall or anything

13-07-2024 20:29:25 Jordan
Mandip Shrestha

Rider came with screen fuzzy but he claims he doesn’t know what happened to the screen looks like someone went in to it but rider claims the bike didn’t drop or anything

13-07-2024 20:03:28 Jordan

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